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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Google Adsense

Guest post by Micah Klug of HomeFaithFamily.com

Google AdSense is an incredibly easy way to monetize your blog’s daily traffic — especially when you’re first starting out with blogging!

If you’re curious about Google Adsense, but you’re not sure how to get started, this post will teach you the basics of how to add Google AdSense to WordPress!

Laptop and Succulent Minimalist Desk
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Can I Help You?

Last week, I taught a class on how to explode your engagement on Instagram to my Mastermind group. Two days later, Micah from HomeFaithFamily.com emailed me the following email:


I wanted to share this with you because you’re the reason for these results.

The photo on the left is my average Instagram post and results. I average between 60-80 likes. The photo on the right was posted the morning after your Instagram class.

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100 New Email Subscribers Per Month?

Yesterday, I got a message from one of my Mastermind members telling me how grateful she was for the Mastermind. She’s in the middle of a product launch and she told me how she realized that ever since she joined Your Blogging Mastermind, her email list has grown by 100 new subscribers each month.

It made me so thrilled to hear this. THIS is why I started Your Blogging Mastermind!

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How to NOT freak out when something goes wrong with your business

Have you ever had something frustrating happen with your business — something totally outside your control?

It can feel SO overwhelming when something goes wrong with your business. It’s really easy to freak out, become paralyzed, and dwell on all of the what-ifs.

Laptop with headphones and pencils and encouraging note

But here’s the thing: freaking out won’t help anything! It only makes things worse and prevents you from gaining forward momentum in your business.

So what do you do when something unexpectedly goes wrong with your business?

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How to Find Time to Blog When You Have Young Kids

“I want to prioritize my blog, but I just can’t find the time with my young kids constantly needing my attention. How do you find time to blog when you have young kids?”

I hear this question from moms all. the. time.

People constantly ask me how I found the time to build my MoneySavingMom.com blog when I had younger kids.

blogger typing on a laptop in a playroom

Though my kids are now 14, 11, and 9, and I’ve moved on from the young-kids season, there was a long period of time when I worked full-time with young kids at home.

If I’m being honest, I actually worked a lot of 65-70 hour work weeks when my kids were younger. I definitely do not recommend that!

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One Simple Tip to Increase Affiliate Conversions

Do you have a big product launch or affiliate promotion coming up soon? Try this one simple tip to increase affiliate conversions!

Increase affiliate conversions

I tried something new a couple months ago during a big affiliate promotion, and it worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with you! I couldn’t believe how much this one simple tip increased my affiliate conversions!

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How I’m Making $100 to $200 Extra Per Day — On Autopilot

One of my big goals for 2019 was to increase passive income by redoing all of our email newsletter welcome sequences and creating some really intentional funnels for each of these.

(See my business goals list below. You can see all of my 2019 goals here.)

blogger's business goals for 2019

I have been hard at work behind the scenes learning how to set up funnels, experimenting with what works, and discovering a lot of things that don’t work. (I don’t know what it is, but it seems I’m the person who always has to learn things the hard way!)

And I’m truly having so much fun with this! Plus, I’ve been shocked by the results!

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