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How to Think Long-term About a Big Promotion on your Blog

Have a big promotion coming up on your blog? Read this post to learn how to think long-term about it!

As you likely know, it was Amazon Prime Day this past Monday and Tuesday. And because of the affiliate income potential, this is one of a deal blogger’s favorite days each year.

Amazon Prime Day means a lot more traffic and affiliate commission for bloggers — especially if you blog about deals.

But these high income and high traffic days only come around a couple of days each year, and then things sort of bounce right back to normal.

Maybe it’s not Prime Day for you, but all of us have spurts of traffic and income throughout the year. Maybe it’s a huge product promotion you’re running. Or maybe you get a spike in traffic from a news spotlight or a social media share from a bigger blogger.

Whatever it is for your specific niche, I think it’s really important to get creative and strategic in thinking long-term when you have a big short-term spurt in traffic or income!

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How to Know If Your Idea is Worth Being Published on the Internet

Do you ever have a great idea, but you’re not sure if you should go live with it on the Internet? Read this post for some tips on how to know whether an idea is worthy of being published!

typing on a keyboard

I got a great question from a follower a few days ago. She asked:

“What makes something worthy of a blog post, a social media post, or an email newsletter?”

I think this is a really fantastic question, because I sometimes just assume everyone sort of innately knows the answer to this. But that’s not true!

I’ve been blogging for 14 years nearly every single day, so I just sort of know what would make a great blog post or if an idea is something my audience would be interested in.

But when you’re first starting out, it’s easy to second guess yourself and wonder what you should post about.

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How to Optimize SEO with Tags and Categories

Are you curious to learn the best practices for utilizing your site’s tags and categories? Read this post to learn what they are and how they work to influence your site’s SEO!

Guest post by Micah Klug of Home Faith Family.

A reader recently wrote in and asked:

“What is the best way to properly set up my website’s tags and categories for SEO?”

This is a really common question, especially because we all know how important SEO is!

But before we can understand how tags and categories influence SEO, we first have to understand what tags and categories are and what their purpose is on your website.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Blogging Conference

Headed out to your first blogging conference? If you’re a little nervous or not sure how to prepare, be sure to read this post for some great tips!

females networking

After taking almost two entire years off from conference speaking, I finally decided to say yes to some opportunities again this year to see how it would feel to be back on the road.

And I have honestly LOVED being back on the road and getting to speak at conferences again! I forgot how much I enjoyed it!

While I was recently at the ThinkTank conference, I was sort of reminded how easy it is to slip into the background or feel like an outsider.

So I thought it’d be beneficial to put together some helpful tips on how to get the most out of a blogging conference.

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How Much Should You Charge for Sponsored Posts?

Do you struggle with knowing how much to charge for sponsored posts? Read this to help you decide your rates!

stacked coins

Someone wrote in recently and said,

“You’ve given us a lot of great information about sponsored posts, but you haven’t yet specifically explained how to know what to charge. Can you elaborate on that?”

Knowing how much to charge for a sponsored post can be difficult — especially when you’re first starting out! 

I touched on this slightly in a recent post, but I wanted to give some more specific details on how to figure out what you should charge.

Here’s what I suggest…

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How to Get Your Instagram Followers to Click Through to Your Content

If you have fewer than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you’ve probably experienced frustration in trying to get people to click through to your content without the swipe-up feature! Read this post for some creative solutions!

iPhone with social media icons in woman's hand with painted fingernai

Instagram has this super cool swipe-up feature that allows your followers to simply swipe up from an Instagram Story and be directed to the URL you’d like to send them to.

There’s just one problem…

You don’t get the swipe-up feature until you have 10,000 followers and have a business account.

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How To Add Nofollow Links In Gutenberg

Guest post by Micah Klug of HomeFaithFamily.com

Confused on how to add nofollow links in the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor? Read this for step-by-step instructions!

pink journal and laptop

The new Gutenberg WordPress interface is leaving some bloggers wanting to use their classic editor plugin for as long as possible.

And I get that. Because it’s definitely a little overwhelming at first.

Gutenberg is definitely a learning curve, but it actually holds SO much potential for your site once you get it setup and become accustomed to it.

Gutenberg offers so many extra customizable features that you won’t find in the classic editor.

Also, Gutenberg is only in the first of three phases. So there are even more updates on the horizon!

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