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Can I Help You?

Last week, I taught a class on how to explode your engagement on Instagram to my Mastermind group. Two days later, Micah from HomeFaithFamily.com emailed me the following email:


I wanted to share this with you because you’re the reason for these results.

The photo on the left is my average Instagram post and results. I average between 60-80 likes. The photo on the right was posted the morning after your Instagram class.

I used what you taught: white background quote for the “prettiness” factor, tagged and thanked the influencer who shared the image, and then I briefly shared my thoughts with my audience.

Both of these images used the same hashtags, and both were posted at the same time. (About 5am).

I’ve never had an image explode like this in such a short time! Every time I open up Instagram, I find another 20+ likes on this image.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Happy Easter weekend, friend.

Blessings, Micah

This is Why I Do What I Do!

This email made me day… because this is why I am offering the Mastermind. I want to share the tricks and tips I’ve learned after 14+ years of blogging to help others be more successful online. I also want to share the mistakes I’ve made to help prevent you from making those same mistakes. And I want to be your cheerleader!

One of my favorite parts of the Mastermind is getting to cheer on the individual members in their successes and to help them troubleshoot the areas where they are struggling.

Can I Help You?

I want to come alongside you and teach you how to:

  • increase your traffic and engagement online
  • significantly boost your blog income
  • produce better and more consistent blog content
  • rediscover your joy and passion for blogging
  • create products that will serve your audience
  • build and nurture a thriving email list
  • still have a life outside of blogging.

I also want to provide a place for you to network with other bloggers, build relationships, and get real-time feedback, critique, and encouragement.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you, I’d love to have you join Your Blogging Mastermind! It’s only open to new members this week. After this week, we won’t be opening it up again until the end of summer.

>>Yes, I Want to Increase My Income & Online Engagement!<<

Here’s to your success!

100 New Email Subscribers Per Month?

Yesterday, I got a message from one of my Mastermind members telling me how grateful she was for the Mastermind. She’s in the middle of a product launch and she told me how she realized that ever since she joined Your Blogging Mastermind, her email list has grown by 100 new subscribers each month.

It made me so thrilled to hear this. THIS is why I started Your Blogging Mastermind!

I am so passionate about helping beginning and intermediate bloggers take their blog to the next level. I want want to help every one of you succeed.

I want you to make a part-time or full-time income from blogging. I want you to be in a place where you can pay off debt, have more wiggle room in your budget, be able to save more and give more.

Most of all, I want to help you use your gifts and talents to bless and impact others.

This is More Than One-On-One Coaching

I have had a lot of people approach me over the years about offered one-on-one coaching.

I offered this for awhile, but I quickly realized that I wanted to do more than just offer coaching; I wanted to provide a place for bloggers to network, encourage one another, ask honest questions, share real feedback, and provide accountability for each other.

And thus, Your Blogging Mastermind was born! We launched in January to a 100 people as a beta test. I had hoped to open it up to more people, but I wanted to make sure my idea would work well and would be really beneficial to everyone who participated.

I have absolutely loved getting to coach and encourage and cheerlead these bloggers. And I’ve loved hearing stories like the one I shared above from Mastermind members who are seeing real growth and results from what they are learning in the coaching sessions and the interactions with other members.

Which is why I am super stoked to be opening the doors to the public and inviting you to join Your Blogging Mastermind! (Note: There are limited spots available.)

What You Get When You Join…

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • Monthly Live Interactive Video Coaching Sessions — Two monthly one-hour LIVE video sessions where I will share expert blogging advice, give you actionable tips you can implement right away, and answer your questions in real-time.
  • Hands-on Projects & Critique — Each month, we focus on one specific aspect of growing your blog. There is a monthly project for you to complete and an opportunity to get real-time feedback from me and other members.
  • Member’s Only Private Forum — Get access to a private member’s-only platform where you can engage with other members, ask your burning blogging questions, and share your blogging successes and struggles.
  • Access to Crystal — Mastermind members have the opportunity to ask questions, get personalized advice, and interact with me both on the LIVE video sessions and in the private community.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level, grow your email list, increase your income, and become more strategic on social media?

>>Yes! I Want to Join Your Blogging Mastermind!<<

If you’re still on the fence, leave a comment and let me know what’s holding you back. I’d love to help answer any questions or concerns that you have.

P.S. Your Blogging Mastermind membership is on a month-to-month basis… and you can easily cancel at any time. There is no contract or obligation!

How to NOT freak out when something goes wrong with your business

Have you ever had something frustrating happen with your business — something totally outside your control?

It can feel SO overwhelming when something goes wrong with your business. It’s really easy to freak out, become paralyzed, and dwell on all of the what-ifs.

Laptop with headphones and pencils and encouraging note

But here’s the thing: freaking out won’t help anything! It only makes things worse and prevents you from gaining forward momentum in your business.

So what do you do when something unexpectedly goes wrong with your business?

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How to Find Time to Blog When You Have Young Kids

“I want to prioritize my blog, but I just can’t find the time with my young kids constantly needing my attention. How do you find time to blog when you have young kids?”

I hear this question from moms all. the. time.

People constantly ask me how I found the time to build my MoneySavingMom.com blog when I had younger kids.

blogger typing on a laptop in a playroom

Though my kids are now 14, 11, and 9, and I’ve moved on from the young-kids season, there was a long period of time when I worked full-time with young kids at home.

If I’m being honest, I actually worked a lot of 65-70 hour work weeks when my kids were younger. I definitely do not recommend that!

I have such a strong drive and for so long when we were barely getting by financially and could barely pay our bills, I became obsessed with working as much as I possibly could so that we could make more money with the blog. There was a lot of fear and pride that led to this and it was extremely unhealthy for me to be working that much.

{If you’re interested in hearing more about this part of my story and the unhealthy place I ended up, you can learn more about it in my book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode (affiliate link) or on my podcast The Crystal Paine Show.}

I share this backstory with you to assure you…I hear you, I’ve been you, and I totally get it! While my kids are now older and much more independent, I do have a lot of experience with trying to find time to blog with young kids.

And though I don’t recommend working a crazy amount of hours like I did, I do wholeheartedly believe you can be a great mom, keep your home up, keep things organized, still have a life with breathing room, and work somewhere between 10-20 hours per week.

You just have to get creative.

If you want to find time to blog with young kids, here are some of my suggestions:

1. Create a good routine.

You don’t need to have every 15 minutes time-blocked out, but I do recommend that you have a loose outline for every day.

If you just wake up and run around in circles and let life happen to you, you’re going to feel like you’re failing in every area. It will be pure chaos.

But if you go into each day with a plan, you’ll be a lot more organized and get a lot more accomplished.

This not only gives structure to your day, but it also gives structure to your kids. Kids love structure and consistency, and they typically thrive and feel secure when there’s some sort of structure and they know what to expect.

Having a plan also helps eliminate mom guilt. It gives you permission to work because you know you’ve already scheduled out time to pour into your kids throughout the day.

Important note: Make sure there’s some wiggle room in your plan, because unexpected things always happen with young kids!

Want to see how I plan my days? You can read more about it here. But just remember — I’m in a season with older kids and things are much more structured than they would be if I had younger kids!

2. Get up before your kids do.

I know it’s difficult to wake up early when you have young kids, but let me encourage you to try to get up before your kids do each morning — even if it’s just 10-15 minutes earlier.

Here’s why: it makes all the difference in how your day unfolds.

When my kids were younger, if I woke up to crying and hollering as my alarm clock, it always made my day start out in a really bad space. But if I woke up even just 10 minutes before they did, it made my day go so much smoother.

I need quiet, and most moms with young kids do! When you wake up 10 minutes earlier, you can take some time for yourself to prepare for the day: savor the quiet, write in your journal, slowly drink a cup of coffee or tea, or even get a few minutes of work done.

If you can go to bed when your kids go to bed at night and wake up really early before them each morning, you could even make the morning hours your work time. But if it cuts into your sleep, I encourage you to at least try getting up a few minutes before your kids do to start the day off in the right mindset.

Tip: Need some help getting your mornings started well? Sign up for my free 5 Days to a Better Morning Challenge.

a photo of a woman with a coffee cup

3. Take advantage of blocks of time throughout the day.

Look for pockets of time throughout your day that you could be working.

If your kids are still younger and have nap time, work during their naps.

If your kids are older and don’t take naps, try setting up some quiet time each day. (Side note: I think it’s so good for kids to learn the life skill of enjoying the quiet and entertaining themselves. Plus, if you have kids who are introverted or highly sensitive, this alone time is very much needed and is a gift to them!)

I even know families who do quiet time each day even if they have older kids at home. They’ve been doing quiet time each day for so long that they’ve just continued it. For about an hour each day, each kid just goes to their own room and reads or does a quiet activity.

If your child isn’t used to quiet time, start small and work your way up. Maybe you start with just 10 minutes and try it out, and then add a little bit of time on each week.

I also used to do movie time once per day when my kids were younger. We didn’t watch television much at all, but once a day they were allowed to watch a movie. And during that time, I would get a lot of work done.

Having designated spots in the day when you know your kids will be entertained and occupied is so important for moms and especially mom entrepreneurs!

4. Hire some help.

If you can’t find pockets of time throughout the day to dedicate to your work, I highly recommend hiring some help.

When my kids were younger, we hired a young teenage girl from our church as a mother’s helper. She came to our house once per week for 5 hours to do laundry, watch the kids, do some cooking — really whatever I needed done.

This was so helpful and I can’t recommend it enough. This ensured that I had a 5-hour block of time every single week that I knew I could get some work time in.

If you don’t have room in the budget to hire help, you could consider a childcare swap with a friend each week or every other week. Or don’t be afraid to ask grandparents or other relatives to help out if you think they might be open to it.

If you have a cooperative spouse who encourages you to build your blog, you might even ask if they can be in charge of the kids for an hour or two one or two evenings per week to let you get some work done.

Jesse did this for me a few times per week when the kids were younger. For a year or two, I went to a coffee shop two evenings each week and on Saturday mornings. It gave him some focused time with the kids and it gave me focused time to work.

5. Focus on the most important thing.

During your work time, don’t try to do all the things.

Go into your work time with a plan, focus on the few things that will make the biggest impact, set a timer, and don’t get distracted. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done when you really zone in and focus on one important task at a time.

Also, I recommend tackling the most important tasks first. Don’t put them at the end, because you’ll most likely either run out of time or be too tired.

Always prioritize the most important and most difficult tasks first, and put the easiest tasks last.

6. Give yourself lots of grace.

Remember that this is what worked for me, and what worked best for me might not work best for you.

No two lives, seasons, or children are the same. There is not one surefire solution. You have to find what works for you.

Also, keep in mind that life happens, diaper blowouts happen, interruptions happen…all kinds of unexpected things happen with little kids. You’re going to need to give yourself a lot of grace and wiggle room, because even your best-planned and structured days will get interrupted or thrown off sometimes.

Don’t get discouraged by that! Just do what you can with what you have right where you’re at.

Take what you can from these suggestions, find what works for you, and give yourself loads of grace along the way!

What other ways do you find time to blog as a mama entrepreneur? I’d love to hear in the comments!

One Simple Tip to Increase Affiliate Conversions

Do you have a big product launch or affiliate promotion coming up soon? Try this one simple tip to increase affiliate conversions!

Increase affiliate conversions

I tried something new a couple months ago during a big affiliate promotion, and it worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with you! I couldn’t believe how much this one simple tip increased my affiliate conversions!

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How I’m Making $100 to $200 Extra Per Day — On Autopilot

One of my big goals for 2019 was to increase passive income by redoing all of our email newsletter welcome sequences and creating some really intentional funnels for each of these.

(See my business goals list below. You can see all of my 2019 goals here.)

blogger's business goals for 2019

I have been hard at work behind the scenes learning how to set up funnels, experimenting with what works, and discovering a lot of things that don’t work. (I don’t know what it is, but it seems I’m the person who always has to learn things the hard way!)

And I’m truly having so much fun with this! Plus, I’ve been shocked by the results!

With just a little bit of tweaking, we were able to significantly increase passive income (meaning: I did the tweaking one-time and it’s consistently bringing in income every day without me doing anything!). I was so surprised to see that we are now consistently bringing in at least $100 to $200 extra passive income per day!

blogging entrepreneur with coffee cup and laptop

New to Welcome Sequences & Funnels?

If you’re new to blogging and online businesses and aren’t sure what Welcome Sequences and Funnels are, don’t worry! You’re not alone!

Here’s the basic gist: A Welcome Sequence is a series of emails you set up to send to people after they subscribe to your email list. Typically, you want these to be some of your best posts, most helpful information, and a way to warmly introduce yourself to a newcomer. (Tip: Here’s one of the first things you should do in your Welcome Sequence.)

A Funnel is a series of emails you send people leading them to take action. For instance, if you sign up for my 5 Days to a Better Morning challenge, you’ll not only get 5 days of content helping you to have more successful mornings, but then you’ll get a few follow-up emails encouraging you to check out my 14-day course, Make Over Your Mornings.

My goal in creating the 5-Day Challenge is to attract people who want to improve their mornings because my course is designed specifically for the person who wants to be more organized and intentional in their mornings.

Crystal Paine's Better Morning Challenge

It’s All On Auto-Pilot!

The beauty of being thoughtful and strategic in the way you set up a Welcome Campaign and a Funnel is that once you set it up, you don’t have to do anything else with it! You can build your email list, nurture your list, and sell products to that list — all on autopilot! And, bonus — you increase passive income!

I can’t believe that I waited 14 years to really start making this a focus of my business! I am trying not to think about all of the opportunities I wasted and the income I didn’t earn by waiting so long! 🙂

Instead of feeling frustrated at myself, I’m working hard to be much more intentional and focused on this moving forward. I think that Welcome Campaigns and Funnels have the potential to become a very strong income source for our business in the future and I’m excited to continue to learn and experiment.

Browser to Buyer logo

Want Some Help Getting Started?

If you are new to Welcome Campaigns and Funnels and you want to get these set up and successfully earning income for you but you just don’t know how to go about it, I highly recommend checking out Browser to Buyer.

This is the course I’ve been going through that has been helping me to learn how to set up funnels and tripwires and welcome campaigns and it is such a valuable resource — especially if you need some hands-on help.

The course is put together by Donnie and Abby Lawson. They are a husband and wife team who make a full-time income from blogging and they are legit whizzes at this stuff!

If you need some suggestions on how to set your freebies and tripwires up, what to include in your funnel, what kind of tripwire offer to choose, and how to increase your conversions, you will want to check out this course.

And guess what? It’s only $79! And I earned back that $79 within a few days of beginning to implement their tips. Since then, it has paid for itself over and over and over again!

I love Browser to Buyer so much that I encouraged everyone in my Mastermind group to purchase it and go through it with me. It’s been so fun to see the results and how people are converting blog readers into email newsletter subscribers and then into customers.

Plus, you’ll get access to all of the sessions and bonus materials afterwards (and these were all fantastic!). Click below to check it out and purchase it for $79. And I hope to see you at some of the live sessions!

>>Yes! Sign Me Up for Browser to Buyer!<<

Please note: The links to Browser to Buyer are my affiliate links. I am very careful what I promote and only promote those products that I feel genuinely are some of the best and most helpful out there. Thank you for helping support what I do only by clicking through my links. It means so much to me!

Beginner’s Guide to the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Guest post by Micah Klug of HomeFaithFamily.com.

Have you seen the latest WordPress update and the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused by this very different-looking editor, this is your go-to beginner’s guide to navigating the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor!

In this post, you’ll learn how to update your website to the new Gutenberg interface, how to navigate the new editor, and how to eliminate overwhelm you might feel about all these changes.

{You can also scroll to the very bottom of this post to watch a helpful video guide, if you learn better through video!}

blogger using Gutenberg WordPress editor

Online marketing and content creation changed for developers on December 6, 2018 — the day Wordpress released their brand new editor interface known as Gutenberg.

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